Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top 6 Effectively Tips That Help Treat Acne

Top 6 Effectively Tips That Help Treat Acne by Charles Zoe

Coping with acne is similar to treating other conditions and illnesses. It"��s important to realize in most cases there is no quick fix or miracle drug to cure your problem. Treating acne often involves a variety of methods including medication, dietary changes, proper skin care, and relaxation techniques. Fortunately, however, there are many ways to get rid of acne fast and while not all of these techniques will work on you, they are easy to try on your skin to see how effective they can be.

1. Dairy products and meat are hard for us to digest, and are acid-forming in the body. The condition of the skin is linked to the health of your internal organs. If you're struggling to digest high levels of animal protein, your body won't get rid of waste products effectively, and they will be released via the skin as acne. Dairy and red meat also contain high levels of hormones which can increase our our levels, and result in more acne.

2. Another common acne myth is that sunlight exposure will heal or "��dry up"�� your blemishes. While a tanned face may help to conceal red blotchy patches on your skin, a day in the sun will not heal or improve acne. In fact, if you"��re currently taking any type of acne medication or applying topical ointments, sunlight exposure can even aggravate your acne further.

3. Yogurt - Yogurt is a very important natural beauty aid. Apply yogurt on the face every morning. Wash it off after a few minutes with cold water. This will keep the complexion smooth, healthy and fresh. A mixture of yogurt and lemon juice is ideal for softening hands.

4. If you really can't resist popping your pimples, at least make sure your fingers are clean. When using a needle to pop the surface of the pimple, make sure it is sterilized with alcohol as it may contain germs that can enter an open area of the skin-such as a popped pimple-and cause the infection to worsen. As mentioned, popping spots is ill-advised! Best not to do it at all! This is one of the best natural acne treatment.

5. Increase the variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet. The easiest way to do this is to create delicious smoothies and juices from ripe fruit, have at least one salad every day "�" even just as a side dish "�" with your main meal, and snack on nuts and dried fruits. Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds are fantastic for acne because they contain selenium (Brazils) and zinc (pumpkin seeds), deficiencies in these minerals have been linked to acne.

6. Lemon Juice - It's a natural bleach and can be used to fade sunspots and freckles. Put a slice of lemon over the spot and leave it for 10 minutes everyday for a week, or exfoliate by rubbing a cut lemon and half a teaspoon of granulated sugar over the skin for a few minutes. Be careful not to get any lemon in your eyes and stop immediately if you get a bad reaction as some people have extremely sensitive skin.

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