Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Treating Acne

By Elvis Foote

Acne vulgaris (commonly called acne) is a skin disease caused by changes in the pilosebaceous units (skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland). Acne happens when oil (sebaceous) glands come to life around puberty stimulated by male hormones from the adrenal glands of both boys and girls.

Acne is most common during adolescence, affecting more than 85% of teenagers, and frequently continues into adulthood. It develops as a result of blockages in follicles and occurs on the face, as well as the neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms. Acne can be disfiguring and upsetting to the patient.

Acne has nothing to do with not washing your face. Although it is not curable, it is controllable; proper treatments can help you to feel and look better and may prevent scars. Acne is a common skin disease that causes pimples. However it is not just a problem for teenagers, it can affect people from ages 10 through 40. One myth is that eating greasy foods like french fries or pizza, chomping on chocolate, or drinking sodas causes acne. Rather it develops when the hair follicle of skin gets plugged by over production of sebum, dead cells and become infected by bacteria. Acne can have a short-term, potentially lasting psychological effect. It may cause you considerable emotional distress but there is a range of treatment options to help you tackle the problem. Acne in young women tends to be more random and linked to hormone changes, such as the menstrual cycle.


Treatments for acne include medicines and creams. Treatment choice depends upon whether the acne is mild, moderate, or severe. Generally the treatment will last about 6 months.

Treatment is aimed at reducing the production of excess amounts of sebum, preventing the development of comedowns and killing the bacteria responsible for the infection. There are many products available for the treatment of acne, many of which are without any scientifically proven effects. Generally speaking, successful treatments show little improvement within the first two weeks, instead taking a period of approximately three months to improve and start flattening out.

Acne will generally reappear quite soon after the end of treatment-days later in the case of topical applications, and weeks later in the case of oral antibiotics. No matter what special treatments your dermatologist may use, remember that you must continue proper skin care. Acne treatment for mild cases usually involves self-care measures, such as washing your skin daily with a gentle cleanser and using an over-the-counter acne cream.

Acne treatment for severe cases usually includes one or more prescription medications. Acne treatments work by reducing oil production, speeding up skin cell turnover, fighting bacterial infection, reducing the inflammation or doing all four. With most prescription acne treatments, you may not see results for four to eight weeks, and your skin may get worse before it gets better.

Types of acne treatments include: Topical treatments. If your acne doesn't respond to these treatments, you may want to see a doctor or dermatologist to get a stronger prescription lotion. Alternative treatments for acne focus on self care: proper cleansing to keep the skin oil-free; eating a well-balanced diet high in fiber, zinc, and raw foods; and avoiding alcohol, dairy products, tobacco, caffeine, sugar, processed foods, and foods high in iodine, such as salt.

The aims of treatment are to prevent new spots forming, to improve those already present, and to prevent scarring. Antibiotics do not prevent pores from becoming blocked so treatment to prevent blackheads, such as benzoyl peroxide, is often also prescribed at the same time. Some types of oral contraceptive tablets help women who have acne. It tends to be prescribed to people with severe forms of acne that have proved resistant to other treatments. Expect to use your treatments for at least two months before you see much improvement. Some topical treatments may dry or irritate the skin when you start using them. An oil-free moisturizer should help, but you may also have to cut down on the frequency with which you apply the treatments. Safe, effective treatments are out there, but sometimes it can be a little tricky working out what's going to work for you.


Acne seems to affect men and women in different ways. Young men are more likely to have a more serious form of acne. As women get older, acne often gets better. For many women, acne can be an upsetting illness. But you don't have to wait to outgrow acne or to let it run its course.

Today, almost every case of acne can be resolved. You should never try to drain or remove your acne by squeezing or picking. This can lead to infection, worsen your acne, and cause scarring.

At present there is no cure for acne, although the available treatments can be very effective in preventing the formation of new spots and scarring. For some, acne can be a bit of hassle but for others it can be devastating.

The important thing to remember is that all types of acne can be well controlled by safe and effective treatment. So, whether it's a few annoying pimples or more severe acne that is getting you down, face up to acne with the right information and you'll be on the road to recovery getting the treatment you need.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Discover a Simple, Effective, and Inexpensive Method for Clearing Skin Age Spots

Author: R Kalpana
Clearing skin age spots is not as difficult as most people think. There are some very good skin care creams which can clear age spots, freckles, and other signs of aging skin and make your skin look a lot younger and healthier. Let me tell you more about these products.

The reason why most people find clearing skin age spots very difficult is not hard to fathom - the skin care products they use are ineffective and their ingredients are of very low quality. This is the most important reason why people do not get any results even after using such products for a long time. Once they find out that these products are of no use, they come to the conclusion that cryotherapy or laser treatment is the only way out for them. Let me assure you - you do not have to undergo laser treatment or any other costly medical procedure to get rid of the sun spots on your skin. All you need is a good age spot cream. Let me tell you how you can find one.

Choose organic skin care products which are free of chemicals. This is a good thumb rule to go by when it comes to choosing age spot creams. A large number of products today contain artificial chemicals like dioxins, parabens, alcohols, and artificial fragrance. These chemicals are very harmful to your health. Constant exposure to such chemicals could cause a number of serious health problems, including cancer, in the long run. So, use products that contain natural substances which are not only effective at clearing skin age spots, but are also very safe to use.

Nutgrass root extract, cynergy TK, and phytessence wakame are some of the natural substances you should look for in age spot creams. These substances can remove age spots and other signs of aging skin and lighten your skin considerably. When it comes to clearing skin age spots, the role of antioxidants cannot be ruled out at all. They fight the free radicals and prevent oxidative stress which in turn prevents the formation of age spots. So, the age spot cream you choose must contain some powerful antioxidants like natural vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

Apart from using a good skin care cream, you can try using a good body lotion which contains shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and active manuka honey to get rid of blemishes and freckles and keep your skin soft and supple. You should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as much as possible. This is an important thing you should remember when it comes to clearing skin age spots.

Eating a healthy diet is very important for your skin health. Try to add a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, and lean meat to your diet. You can also consider taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements which are very good for your skin. Now that you know all these facts, clearing skin age spots does not sound like a difficult task, does it? Start using a good age spot cream today and say goodbye to age spots and freckles.

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About the Author:Kalpana strongly advocates natural skincare and beauty products to protect your skin, avoid harmful reactions and enhance youthful looks. To get critical tips on natural skin care products, please visit her website now at ==>

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Acne Treatment Options

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders in humans. It usually occurs on the face and strike normally during puberty. However, it is also possible to have acne problems well into adulthood. Luckily, many of the causes of acne can be easily treated, leaving you with less common and smaller breakouts.

Acne strikes most teenagers and even some adults. It is caused when your pores become clogged with dirt or oil and this causes a skin infection that you body fights off. The result is, unfortunately, the big red bump that you see on your skin. Luckily, most cases of acne only last through puberty and the effects of it soon abate.

Treatment is also fairly easy, especially if you can visit a dermatologist. Your dermatologist should be able to recommend you the best acne products to use. If you are serious about getting rid of your acne and create a daily regimen around using these products to both shorten existing breakout and prevent future ones, you will have a much clearer complexion in no time.

You should take special care however not to stop treatment once you skin is clear. If you do, it is almost certain that your acne will come back in the absence of the soaps and other products you were using to clean you skin. Also take care not to pop any of your zits. While it may be at little bit of fun at the time, you may end up permanently scarring your face with pock marks as they heal.

About the Author

If you are trying to cure your acne, one of you best bets to clear up your complexion is to find a good acne soap. If you unfortunately have already had some scars as a result of acne and want to know How to Get Rid of Acne Scars, there are a myriad of options available to you.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Natural Acne Treatment

ByJim Schwartz

Acne is a terrible affliction that too many people are forced to live with. Acne is not a single pimple; it is a lot of clogged pores and, bumps, inflammation, and redness than can be very embarrassing. Using prescription treatments can often do more harm than good. They can burn and make the skin peel. Luckily, there is natural acne treatment available.

Natural acne treatment is made from all-natural ingredients. This means that the only natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals are used. It is always important to check the list of ingredients on any natural acne treatment. It will take mere minutes to find information about the ingredients and make an informed decision about choosing natural acne treatment. It is worth those few minutes to feel good about choosing natural acne treatment. Most natural acne treatments will work on all forms of pimples including whiteheads and blackheads. This is important to know when choosing the right natural acne treatment.

Natural acne treatment works in many different ways. People do not seek out natural acne treatment until there is an actual acne problem. So, natural acne treatment reduces redness and swelling cause by inflammation and also works to clear out the pores and restore a healthy balance to the skin. Once acne is under control, natural acne treatment will work to keep the acne from returning. It is important to follow through with natural acne treatment or the acne will return. Natural acne treatment will also help reduce the appearance of scars caused by the acne. This is an unfortunate effect of acne and can follow people for their entire lives, even after acne is no longer an issue. Natural acne treatment also reduces the appearance of scars.

Who benefits from natural acne treatment? It would be nice if acne were present only through those troublesome teen years. Teenagers do experience acne much more than adults, due to all of the hormonal changes taking place in their young bodies. However, acne can follow people into adulthood. Adults should be aware of natural acne treatment for themselves as well as for their children who may experience acne. All of these people will benefit from natural acne treatment.

Acne is not limited to the face. People can experience acne anywhere that pores can become clogged. When pores become clogged, bacteria thrive. This is what leads to the redness and inflammation. These other areas include the neck, back, and underarms. This can be just as embarrassing as facial acne. Natural acne treatment can be used on any of these areas as well as the face. Natural acne treatment will treat all acne regardless of its position on the body.

Natural acne treatment restores confidence. Natural acne treatment allows people to go out and face the world without embarrassment. Natural acne treatment helps people to feel attractive. Self-esteem is so important and natural acne treatment raises the self-esteem of anyone who has ever been afflicted with acne. There is no reason to suffer through acne breakouts. Natural acne treatment is available and will clear skin and restore that much needed confidence!

Hi everyone. My name is Dr. Jim Schwartz from [], where we like to give Nature a little helping hand ;-)

I have been in the natural health supplement business for over 14 years and I have seen a lot of weight loss and diet fads come and go. I'd like to use this platform to get the plain facts out.

All the natural health supplements I recommend actually work and are completely safe to use and with no nasty side effects.

My goal in this business has always been to make people feel better about themselves - both inside and out!

So I hope you find my articles of interest and I wish you the very best of health :-)

Dr. Jim

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Body Acne Is Curable

Body acne requires continuous treatment and skin care to be managed. Sometimes, it disappears after adolescence but it can recur at any time. See a dermatologist to be certain about the skin condition you have before you follow any line of treatment. Depending on the area of occurrence, it can hinder routine activities and cause substantial discomfort to the sufferer.

Why it happens

Body acne is largely caused by genetics, irritation caused by clothing, leftover soap on cloth and incomplete cleansing during a bath. Body acne can be painful since the pores on the body tend to be larger, so the eruptions are large. Besides, their location is such that there is regular contact with another surface which exacerbates the problem. The constant contact with another surface causes the acne to burst and spread to other pores. If you are the sporty type, one reason could be that you have not cleaned the perspiration effectively. This leads to infected pores and acne pustules. Harsh cleansing agents are another cause for acne. You have to adjust your habits to suit your body responses.

What you can do

Body acne responds well to simple habit changes related to cleansing and reduced contact with other material. However, when there is an eruption, you may need to take antibiotics or use topical creams to subdue it. Ensure that you wash the clothes that remain in direct contact with your skin in plain water after soap washing. This is useful in removing any leftover soap and chemicals that remain embedded in them. Ensure that your bed clothes are spotlessly clean. Avoid excessive use of perfumes that further irritate the skin. Use mild soaps and deodorants and avoid the use of creams and lotions on the affected area. Bathe twice a day in the summer season and

What to avoid

Avoid touching the body acne since that can cause it to spread. Avoid situations that allow sweat to remain on your skin for a long period of time. For example, if you have an exercise sessions, ensure that you have a plain water wash all over your body if it is not possible to have a soap bath. Avoid synthetic materials that do not allow your skin to breathe. Identify soaps, talcum powders, perfumes and deodorants that impact your skin and avoid using them. Avoid high fat and high sweet content in your food and stick to fruits and vegetables in their natural form. Avoid the use of steroidal creams on the affected area and opt for acne creams that suit your skin type.

What to know

It helps to know that body acne is a controllable condition and can be managed with simple lifestyle changes. Most changes are related to food, fluid and stress management. Contact a specialist for advice on managing the problem. You must know that this is a common disorder and is not a reason to avoid doing the things that you like. If you are an avid sports person, you will need to incorporate cleaning habits to control the occurrence. If you like to spend time seated in front of the television, make sure that your surrounding surfaces are clean and any cloth that touches your skin is properly washed.

About the Author

If you are looking at options to manage Body Acne and want professional advice and tips from other people who have gone through the same, log on to

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Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Clear Acne - 2 Top-Notch Techniques to Destroy Acne!

By Rob Givens

Do you have a hard time to find out how to clear acne rapidly without spending money- There are so numerous goods in the market that pledge to clear acne, but numerous of them do not reside up to your expectations. At best these goods supply provisional relief. Many of the products end up ruining your skin, initiating rashes and opposite edge effects. The best and easy way to eliminate acne is to hold your skin clean of dead cell by exfoliating. Here are two tips to exfoliate utilizing dwelling skin acne goods to get a clear skin. When acne merchandise has 20 components recorded on it, it can be hard to understand if one of those components is really halting you from having success.

Here are the ways on how to clear your acne

1) Vinegar is a very good piece discovered in most dwellings to exfoliate your skin. You can use the normal white vinegar or the Apple Cider Vinegar to clean your skin. Vinegar although desires to be weak before use else it can injure you. If you have a perceptive skin you need to start with adequately weak vinegar. Mix 8 to 10 components of water to 1 part of vinegar. Over time you can gradually decrease the dilution. Vinegar assists in eliminating dead units, murder pathogens and sustains the ph balance of your skin. Don't anticipate exfoliation to clear acne overnight.

Before applying vinegar to your face you will have to clean your face with a gentle cleanser or soap. Now request the vinegar to your face utilizing a cotton fabric ball. When you request vinegar your skin may injure a bit, but don't concern about it. Leave the vinegar for 10 to15 minutes and then clean your face with freezing water.

2) The second piece that you can use for exfoliation is lemon juice. Lemon juice extract is acidic in environment and will injure your skin. Again you need to dilute lemon as asserted by what matches your skin. Lemon juice extract will clear acne locations that were there before and furthermore avert development of new acne.

Wash and clean your face before you request lemon juice. Mix the 5 components of water to 1 part of lemon juice. Massage the answer up on your face and depart it for couple of minutes before cleaning it off.

These two tips on how to clear acne exfoliating should assist you on how to clear your acne. Along with this it is significant that you change your pillow cover daily. Cucumber, lemon and orange carrot juice extract, brewer's yeast, and hardworking charcoal tablets are all adept of assisting the digestive scheme function normally. Since the digestive scheme is nearly associated with the well being of the skin, they should help decrease acne breakouts. Flax kernel can furthermore be magnificent for assisting your skin mend faster and one of the factors on how to clear acne.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally - Here Are Some Tips You Need to Clear Your Skin Once & For All

By Casey Gentles

Almost all teenagers suffer from acne outbreaks once in their entire lives. And all of them can tell just how bothering acnes can be. Most people opt to immediately visit their dermatologist, all with high hopes that they can quickly get rid of their acne. But for some, they prefer to deal with the concern the natural way.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of acne naturally. Most of these remedies can be found at home, thus making it easier, and not to mention less expensive for you to take care of your acne concerns.

Drink Water. Drinking water is generally the number one easiest way to get rid of your acne. When you drink at least seven to eight glasses of water a day, you can cleanse your body toxins found in your blood. It is said that water is a good source for removing toxins. Thus, with regular drinking, you are bound to develop fairer skin and a better complexion. Additionally, try drinking herbal water. This is one type of herbal medication that is said to be effective for removing pimples. You can do this by boiling water with two fenugreek seeds and a corn of hair.

Bengal Gram Flour. Apply Bengal gram flour that is mixed with curd on the affected areas of the skin. You can also try mixing water with green gram flour to make it as a skin cleanser. In general, gram flours are proven popular acne herbal medication that works wonders, and not to mention that these are also good as mild bleach.

Take time to find out about how to get rid of acne naturally. That way, you won't have to take a trip to your dermatologist and pay for something that you can actually do on your own.

I know that what I am about to reveal to you about []how to get rid of acne can be almost impossible to believe. But it is 100% truth!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Laser Treatment for Acne Scar Removal

By Tom Disouza

Acne scar laser treatment stands out among all acne treatments in effectiveness. Acne scarring comes under cosmetic disfigurements posing psychological problems to the patients. It is notable here that most of these can very well be corrected using laser as skin resurfacing modality.

Acne scar laser treatment involves using a light beam from a carbon dioxide laser. The latter vaporizes the upper layers of damaged skin at specific and controlled levels of penetration.

Development of selective photothermolysis

The development of selective photothermolysis has caused significant advances in the use of laser technology for skin resurfacing. The improved technology has helped reduce residual thermal damage. By using shorter pulse durations of laser light, the minimizing of thermal damage significantly reduced the risk for scarring on the skin.

The latest procedures involve an intense beam of light to destroy the skin tissue instantly. As of now, carbon dioxide and Er:YAG laser reportedly offer best acne treatments. They are able to perform highly specific vaporization of tissue using powerfully focused light to precisely remove the skin layers. Thus they vaporize the ridges of scars and wrinkles and smoothing out the surface of the skin.

Best lasers for acne scar removal

Er: YAG laser offers the best acne scar laser treatment. The benefit of Er:YAG laser for superficial to moderate [] acne scar removal stems from the fact that this laser produces less thermal damage compared to other types of laser.

The short pulsed Er:YAG laser has a water absorption coefficient 16 times greater than that of the carbon dioxide laser. The water in the tissue absorbs most of the energy of these lasers. That results in minimal optical penetration depth and thermal damage.
The more limited penetration of these lasers into the skin triggers a histo-pathological improvement less pronounced than that of carbon dioxide laser. However, Er:YAG laser shows potential as an acne scar removal treatment especially in the treatment of mild to moderate superficial rhytides and scars. In fact it is the best acne scar laser treatment for acne scars that are not very deep.

Tom Disouza is a professional beautician associated with various beauty care salons and parlors. He has specialized in correcting pimples, ( acne scars, etc. He lives in Chicago.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

How To Treat Acne Effectively and Safely - 8 Tips

By Jean Lam

Are you fed up and frustrated about having acne on your skin whether it's your face, back, neck or arms? You're not alone. Acne is a common skin disorder which affects people of all ages although it's usually more common in teenagers who suffer from hormonal changes, a major culprit for acne development. Adults too are not immune from acne. Unfortunately some teenagers who venture into adulthood can't seem to get away with acne and live with it even after becoming adults. It's of paramount importance to know how acne is triggered so that you can take the necessary steps to eradicate it and even prevent it.

To give you an idea how acne emerges from your skin, you should know that your skin contains oil glands which are also known as the sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil which are necessary for the normal function of your skin. But sometimes, the sebaceous glands manufactures excessive oil due to hormonal changes, poor diet, stress and the excessive oil or sebum covers the layer of your skin. As a result, your skin's pores become clogged with the sebum and blocked. The outcome is your skin will get ripped apart when a pimple will pop up underneath your skin. The end result is acne. So now that you know that there is a relationship with hormone, oily skin and acne, you can think of ways to reduce acne proliferation and even prevent it from occuring.

If you're a teenager, usually there is nothing much you can do apart lessening the effect by following a proper diet and dealing with stress effectively because hormonal changes are part of the teenager's life. On the other hand, if you're an adult, by leading a healthy lifestyle, you can hamper the effects of acne and even prevent it from happening. It's fundamental for you to be aware that while there are certain acne treatments and products which work wonders, there are others that can harm your skin. Some acne products can contain chemical components which your skin can't tolerate as it will become allergic and irritated by them. It's important to follow a safe acne treatment where you can treat your acne effectively.

Here is a list of 8 tips how you can do that:

(1) Never squeeze your acne and pimples. In doing so, you remove the pimple but you will create a hole and you can spread bacteria and germs on other areas of your skin. The action is instant I mean you will see your pimples disappear but there can be side effects. Squeezing will also irritate your skin and can cause inflammation and redness. In the worst case, you will leave scars on your skin which are ugly.

(2) Clean your skin regularly with hypoallergenic soaps and cleansers and get rid of excess oil, dirt and impurities. By paying attention to proper skin care, you're already taking a step ahead in preventing acne from appearing. Avoid touching your face when your hands are dirty. If you do, wash your face afterwards.

(3) Drink plenty of water at least 8-10 glasses per day. For best results, carry a big bottle of water with you so that you are more proned to drink water regularly. Water is life and don't underestimate how water can help in treating acne and preventing it as well. Water hydrates the skin and flush out toxins and impurities in our bodies.

(4) Drink green tea at least twice per day. Green tea has antioxidant properties which can help eliminate acne. Also green tea is highly recommended for good health. You can use green tea to apply directly on your skin which contains acne. By tapping the infused green tea extract on your skin with a small towel for about 10-15 minutes everyday for at least 3 weeks, you will start to see your acne dried up and healed eventually. This is a totally natural treatment which have done wonders for many people.

(5) Make use of acne creams made from natural ingredients like aloe vera and green tea to moisturize the skin and keep it fresh.

(6) Eat a balanced diet rich in lean protein like skinless chicken breast, egg whites, salmon, white fish, red lentils, cottage cheese and don't forget to get your fiber and vitamins intake from fresh vegetables and fruits. Opt for healthy cooking oils and fats like olive oil and canola oil.

(7) Avoid or be moderate on oily foods, alcoholic drinks and spicy foods.

(8) Deal with stress effectively and try to avoid stressing yourself as far as possible. Engaging in relaxation exercises like yoga, taichi and undergoing a massage therapy will definitely help releasing endorphins and making you feel good and totally destressed. Performing physical fitness activities like jogging, swimming, cycling, walking and practising a sport such as volleyball, basketball or soccer can get rid of stress and make you forget about your problems and anxieties.

Treating acne effectively and safely should not be taken as a chore but rather as a way of life. It's a proper lifestyle in itself and not only will you benefit as far as acne is concerned but you will get a better health. With time, your acne will be cured naturally and you'll be surprised by the results. The above tips will definitely help your acne skin condition but if it's too serious or aggravated, you might need to consult a dermatologist to seek his or her advice. Maybe you will require advanced acne treatments wih antibiotics. Acne laser surgery is an option as well but it's costly.

This article can be freely published on a website as long as it's not modified in any way including the author bylines, plus all the hyperlinks must be made active just like below.

Jean Lam is a writer, author, publisher and owns several sites. Visit his []Acne Cure Resource website for lots of articles about acne. Also check out the acne eBook that will give you natural tips to cure your acne.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prevention and Treatment for Acne Scars

By []Greg Podsakoff ...

While it may sound elementary, the first place to start with acne scar treatment is prevention.

Most people cannot predict when they will have an acne outbreak or how severe that outbreak will be. If you suffer from acne outbreaks, having a good preventive treatment regiment is a proactive way to keep acne minimized, reducing the risk of scarring in the first place. It is as washing your hands to help prevent spreading germs.

Among all of the factors that can contribute to acne outbreaks, heredity is part of the mix. Additionally, heredity plays a factor in the amount of scarring you will receive from acne, or in other words, your ability to heal.

Almost all acne sufferers will develop some form of scarring, from mild to severe. The earlier in life that acne treatment is initiated, the more likely scarring will be minimized.

Acne scarring is the end result of the body’s healing process. The decrease of elastic fibers in the skin combined with thickened collagen groups that grow excessively contribute to scar tissue.

There are two types of scar:

Hypertropic Scars are the thick and discolored scars that show above the normal surface of the skin.

Keloid scars are discolored scars at the skin level or below and grow outward from the initial injury similar to a stretch mark.

There are several treatment options available to help reduce or eliminate the visible signs of scarring from acne.

Topical Solutions – Several topical solutions are available. These ointments are applied to the damaged area and are designed to hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells, which allows for skin cell rejuvenation and replenishment, reducing or eliminating the appearance of scars.

Silicone Sheets – Modern research has shown that silicone is an effective treatment in scar removal. While the science of how it works is not completely understood, several companies manufacture silicone sheets and silicone based treatments that are designed to minimize or eliminate the appearance of acne scars.

Microdermabrasion – In microdermabrasion, a dermatologist uses a hand held buffing wheel and a special abrasive cream to remove the surface layer of the skin. When the new skin grows in, it is healthier and has more elasticity than the old skin, reducing or eliminating the visible signs of scarring.

Chemical Peels – A chemical peel uses a chemical solution of Phenol, Trichloroacetic Acid, and Alphahydroxy acids to remove the outer layers of damaged skin. Similar to microdermabraision and laser resurfacing, new skin cells replace the removed damaged cells, reducing or eliminating the visible signs of scarring.

Laser Resurfacing – Performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, a concentrated laser beam is targeted on the treatment area. As the laser energy penetrates the skin, it vaporizes the water and the surface layer of skin, leaving the deeper layers untouched. Laser resurfacing also helps to restore the elasticity of the skin by shortening the collagen fibers that are contained in the skin layers, reducing or eliminating the visible signs of scarring.

Always be sure to consult a dermatologist before undergoing and treatment for scarring. However, all of these treatments have been proven to be effective, so once you find the right one, it is just a matter of time before the scarring is reduced or eliminated!


Greg Podsakoff is a former acne sufferer, and currently provides information on treating acne, pimples, and zits, via an objective informational skincare website,

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Acne Scar Treatment and Removal

By []Rita Lambros-Segur

Beautiful skin, without acne scars, is every woman's dream (and some men's too). But it seems only a small fortunate group with good genes ever attain it. But always remember that skin is a reflection of one's health and is the largest organ in the body.

Hence, it makes sense to cleanse and nourish from both the INSIDE and OUT. Your face and body do not need more clogging, synthetic oils and lotions. They need real nutrition that can make a difference when applied topically as well as nutrition internally to enhance detoxification and a healthy blood supply to the vessels beneath the skin's surface.

Natural Acne Scar Treatment Starts with Healthy Blood

That sounds odd I'm sure, but what determines the appearance of our skin, among other things? The existence of poisons (or the lack thereof) and nutrients within the bloodstream feeding the skin cells.

Healthy skin will never exist in the presence of health-depriving toxins from pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, etc. How do we get rid of these guys? Well, any good herbalist would recommend good diets including lots of raw fruits and veggies along with whole grains, seeds and nuts.

Of course, adding plenty of purified water is also vital. Perhaps a quality mineral and vitamin formula, too. But aside from the basics, what else can be done? A program of detoxification.

Detoxification for Healthy Skin

To get healthier, which includes acquiring healthy skin, most herbalists recommend colon cleansing. Then, urinary tract cleansing. Then comes liver, lymph, lung and blood support. You'll find excellent products in several places, but we've had success with what's offered here: []Electrical Body Products.

If one can eliminate most refined sugars from the diet, that would be a plus, but that's difficult for most people. Try cutting down, at least.

But the most crucial form of detoxification may be sauna therapy. And not just any sauna will do. Several research papers have shown the efficiency of far infrared (or radiant) heat therapy.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Whole-body hyperthermia treatment causes the excretion of sweat from the sebaceous glands of the body, where these harmful materials are stored. Sweat is not excreted from the sebaceous glands using a normal sauna.

Carbon heaters emit far infrared rays which match the body's own wavelength, which is essential to improving blood circulation and the health of internal organs in the body. In the lying position, the hyperthermic chamber treatment does not lower oxygen levels in the blood or increase lactic acid.

Sweating therapy with carbon heat allows your body to produce a great deal more perspiration through your pores. Why is that good? Because sweating therapy is excellent for overall purification and balancing and can effectively be combined with other cleansing therapies.

About one liter of sweat should be excreted from the user during a 30 minute treatment. This volume of sweat cannot be matched by a normal sauna. Here is our recommendation: []hyperthermic chamber.

The skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body and the elimination through sweating is more passive and requires less expenditure of energy than elimination via the kidneys and bowels. And with the hyperthermic chamber above, one has a tool for heating the body core temperature - vital for destruction of viruses and bacteria.

Well, that's the cleansing and nourishing side of skin care, what about topical help for fading or reducing acne scars?

Nutritious Skin Care for Acne Scar Fading and Removal

Detergent soaps do nothing for your skin except change its pH to alkaline and cause more damage than good. Use, instead, a high quality vegetable soap which works to protect and nourish your skin. Now "natural" means something different depending on whom you ask, but we think natural means to avoid using artificial dyes and to use only 100% vegetable bases.

Then, to remove dead skin cells from the surface of our skin, French Green Clay and Fuller's Earth Clay work wonders. This combo always promises us a smile with its remarkable results. The minerals and sun-dried features of these clays (and perhaps some Neem bark powder added to the mix) help dull, lifeless complexions revitalize through oxidation and circulation. This way, the skin's ability to use and retain vital oxygen is increased.

Why is that important to you? Because this creates a healthy, clean environment for the skin, and acts as a catalyst for transporting the micronutrients found not only in these clays but in the fabulous Neem bark powder, into the deeper layers of the skin. You are left with a more youthful, clearer, and vibrant appearance.

These clays and neem bark powders have enormous drawing capabilities and even a lightening effect on the outer epidermal skin layer. That's why people of all skin types can benefit from their dramatic effect on even the most severe acne conditions, as well as remineralizing, hydrating and exfoliating normal to dry skin types. By removing dead skin cells and reoxygenating the skin, your complexion can be detoxified and removed of bacteria, while healing is promoted.

And to top it all off, your last crucial step for acne scar treatment must be organic rosehip seed oil.

Rosehip Seed Oil For Beautiful Skin

Ask any dermatologist what therapies work best to renew skin, and his/her solutions would include Vitamins C and A in a topical application. However, it's very difficult to find a stable form of Vitamin C that could reach deep enough into your skin to do any good at all. And laboratory synthesized trans-retinoic acids (Vitamin A derivatives) have harsh side effects.

It's no accident that organically grown and tested essential oils and organic rosehip seed oil contains essential fatty acids, a high concentration of bio-available Vitamin C and natural tretinoin, a derivative of vitamin A.

In this natural state as part of a complex system of unsaturated essential fatty acids, these nutrients' actions are controlled and slowly released by nature, eliminating risk of overdoses or harsh side effects thus helping to boost collagen and elastin levels for smoother, firmer skin.

Rosehip oil has been tested on old scars and improvement was noted in all cases. These old and new scars were caused by acne and otherwise. Time will fail us if we were to relate all the good experiences we've heard about scar removal using these luscious oils, but suffice it to say you can be the next living testimonial about healthy beautiful skin with faded acne scars (and in many cases, elimination of scars altogether).

Apply morning and evening and several times throughout the day if you are targeting both new and old scars or keloids.

In just weeks your skin will look smoother, healthier and more vibrant.

So that's our story and experience in creating beautiful skin and we think with the above program, you can't but improve your skin from lifeless and dull to vibrantly alive and acne scar free.

Rosehip Seed Oil Formula: []Organic Rosehip Seed Oil Formula

Article by Rita Lambros-Segur, M.H. of Electrical Body, Inc. Rita has helped thousands of regular folks improve their health-restoring strategies. Visit []Electrical Body and []infrared saunas for FREE articles, ezines, catalog, a great e-book offer and more.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Acne Scar Treatment - How to Get Rid of Unsightly Acne Scars

By Arturo Ronzon..

The first step towards a noticeable solution of adult acne vulgaris is to understand the basis of acne formation. The dermatitis occurs when the sebaceous glands underlying the hair follicles of the skin overproduce sebum. The sebum oozes out of the pores of the skin, get intermingled with the dead epithelial cells from the outer layer of skin and chemical reaction leads to the development of hard red pilings called comedones. These clog the pores and are often quite painful. If the inflammations are pus filled and white, these are called as whiteheads, or if these turn black due to contact with the oxygen in the air, these are known as blackheads. The clogged hair follicles get saturated with sebum and swell up, get infected by bacteria and cause inflammations known as pimples. Eventually the pimples burst and release the contents. While the affected are heals, it often leaves scars.

Here are a few acne scar treatment methods that have been proven to be fairly effectual.

Retin A: this remedy is excellent in the treatment of skin conditions and scarring. However, due to its side effects, a medical practitioner should be consulted.

Mederma: this is a topical medicine believed to be effective in healing acne scars. The manufacturers have their own website that provides comprehensive information on the product.

Copper peptides: these comprise the modern modes of treatment and have gained widespread popularity. Detailed information is available on the official website of this scar treatment product.

Before beginning any treatment, one should ascertain which procedure will suit them best. A dermatologist should be consulted prior to trying out any medication. A wide variety of treatments are offered, and because of this some research work on the efficacy of such procedures is imperative.

Selection of the right treatment depends on a variety of factors, including the severity of scarring and the amount one can afford to spend. OTC ointments and creams may help deal with superficial scarring. Prescription medicines and advanced scar treatment procedures like laser therapy might be needed in extreme cases. Results often vary from one person to another.

Most health insurance companies treat the acne vulgaris and acne scar treatments as cosmetic procedures, and hence these treatments have to be paid for out of pocket. anyhow modern dermamycosis scar treatment methods have become extremely affordable and everyone can make use of the benefits of such treatment procedures. - acne scar treatment

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Acne Scar Video