Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Monday, February 1, 2010

5 Simple Tips To Help Prevent Your Acne From Getting Worse


The most important steps to help clear your acne fast is to stop doing things that can worsen your acne condition. Most acne sufferers continued to have bad acne no matter what acne treatment they"��ve used simply because they"��re avoiding these 5 acne tips:

Use soap with natural ingredients "�" make sure that everything you wash yourself with or anything that you put on your body is natural and does not contain any toxic chemicals.

Soaps, shampoos, or detergents that are not natural contain toxic chemicals in them that can irritate or aggravate acne worsening your acne condition.

So try to get soaps that are as natural as possible (100% natural if possible). Hint: the less ingredients there are the less toxic it will be.

Also stay away from deodorants, perfume and cologne. If you really need it, use 100% pure planetcentral oil but no perfume oils.

Wash bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases often "�" dirty bed sheets, blankets and especially pillow cases can soak up the oils from your skin, dock bacteria and germs then reapply it to your skin when you sleep on it again.

This will worsen your acne conditions. So wash them regularly and of course, don"��t forget to use natural detergent when washing them.

Avoid Touching Acne Affected Areas "�"if you touch acne affected areas with unclean hands you can easily transfer bacteria or germs to that area which will worsen your acne condition.

So don"��t touch acne affected areas with your hands unless you just got done washing them. Because you can easily get germs or bacteria on your hands by opening the door, using someone"��s pen or pencil, petting a cat or dog, etc.

Avoid Picking Or Scratching Your Pimples "�" Picking or scratching pimples can induce bacterial infection and aggravate acne. It may also cause scarring.

Wash Gently And Avoid Scrubbing or Using Abrasives "�" Scrubbing or using abrasives when washing your skin will irritate and aggravate acne, making it worse.

So avoid scrubbing or abrasives at all cost and just wash your face gently with your bare hands and pad it dry with a soft towel. And again, remember to use natural soap or face wash.

Applying these 5 acne skincare tips will help clear your acne faster because it does not slow down or interrupt the healing process of acne.

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